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Episode #3 Protect your assets

One of the things I have struggled with over the years is convincing customers to use a password manager.

Here is the stone-cold hard truth, when you become a business owner, you will have usernames and passwords. Lots.

Every Software as a Service (SaaS) you use, every email, every website, every vendor, every banking account, they will all need a way to log in. 

Some may use something like Google or a social media log in, but many do not. 

It is not good practice to have the same password for everything. It is not good practice to write them down on a piece of paper you have laying around.

Protect your passwords. They are assets to your business. 

There really is no option. 

One way you can do and still maintain some convenience is with a password manager.

A few weeks ago I was at a chamber pipeline meeting and they were encouraging everyone to log in to their Chamber Forge App on our phones.

I watched as various members logged in on their phones. One of them looked at me, and I said, “I have to do it at the office because I do not know my password.” 

I don’t know it because I don’t have it memorized. It is stored in my password manager.

I use LastPass and some of my friends use Bitwarden. Most will give you an option for a 2-factor authorization and most have a mobile app you can use on your phone. Most small businesses can easily use the free plans with these managers. You can pay for additional security or features.

Password managers – you choose

Complete list of password managers 2019

The Best Password Managers for 2021

Best Password Managers of 2021

Live Streaming is a thing. What’s the future?

One of the things I have become fascinated with over the past year is Live Streaming. Live Streaming is when you or an organization live streams (video) on social media an event, a podcast, or conference.

In the wake of Covid, I participated in several. One of the cool things I participated in was Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions conference. A friend gave me a ticket or I never would have been able to attend.

I have also presented at some of these Live Streaming events. Some were pre-recorded, some were live. 

I know a few people who have jumped into the Live Streaming industry, but the one who has been in it the longest is my friend Ross Brand.

I actually had the opportunity to attend Ross’s conference earlier this year. I am loving this side of digital marketing.

Ross finally put his expertise in a book. If you are interested in where Live Streaming is going he gathered predictions of some of the top Live Streamers in his book. 

100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions: Top Content Creators Help You Succeed in an Era of Rapid Change

The Kindle version is $.99 right now. 

Digital Marketing Glossary


Storytelling is one of those words that isn’t easy to define, but everyone knows what it is. One might call it the telling and retelling of stories that have meaning.

“One might call it the telling and retelling of stories that have meaning.

There is absolute power in storytelling in business. We use them for everything. And for good reason! They invoke emotion and connection. They move the needle, so to speak.

Do you use storytelling in your business?

Below are two resources to begin exploring the use of storytelling in your business

The power of story

Kindra Hall on why use storytelling

That’s all for this month! Next month we are going to talk about getting ready for the Holiday season. Yup. So get your pumpkin spice ready. Maybe turn on some Holiday music, and let’s talk about it.


Let me know. Simply hit reply and ask. Happy digital marketing!

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