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Podcast: Core Marketing Message


Hey everyone, and welcome to the local Digital services podcast. This is going to be roughly 5 minutes as I talked about a core marketing message.

Now this has multiple different names. Some will call it a brand message brand message strategy. You may hear a brand story. You know, messaging is to what you’re actually saying about your business to your customer.

It is foundational. You need it to move forward, to create your content that you share on social media that you share on your website. Without it, you know you’re like a ship in an ocean without a sail, just kind of going wherever so.

There are four questions you want to ask in order to come up with your core message. Your core marketing message, I should say that’s what I’m going to call it. Your core marketing message. The first let me just. Go through all four of them and then I’ll come back and talk about each. One here are the four questions.

One who am I? What do I do? Who do I do it for? And how am I different? Let’s break those down real quick and try to get this wrapped up. In 5 minutes.

Number one, who am I? This is really straightforward. Basically, if you run a service where you clean houses, then you’re a cleaner. Now there are a lot different words as I has gone in and look for that janitorial services, cleaning services, whatever. But you want to say who you are. So if you’re a cleaning service, you’re on a cleaning service. If you’re an accountant. I’m an accountant, so. If you if you’re an author that I’m an author I’m this is. The kind of author I am but you. This is not to be over thought here. You’re just trying to say who. You are.

#2. What do I do? That kind of comes with the value you provide, but you can start when you answer these questions. For your own self by giving it the most simplistic thing like I clean houses, I help people with their taxes or help people with their books or. I run a keto bakery and I help people who have allergies to certain things that specialized bakery. Whatever you do, you do it, Be specific. Now you want to come back later and put the types of things you provide value but. That’s a different. Discussion for a different time. So who am I? What do I do?

Who do I do it for? This is what we typically refer to as your target audience. This can be really easy and also can be really hard. I myself, as a marketing consultant, struggle with my target audience. You can go really, really specific. It’s easier to create a message for those you’re trying to attract. Those you’re trying to do business with. If you know something about them, I like to err on the side of what they do or you know, we typically do the demographics thing. And that can be helpful, especially in a business to consumer type business, but. What is it? What is something unique? About your target audience, so we. Want to narrow that down?

And finally, how do I do it differently? This is really crucial and we’ll probably help you, even some with your value. That you give your customer. So how do I do it differently? The bottom line is that most of these things, there’re hundreds of people out there and you and we all tend to borrow from each other. So we look the same. You don’t want to do that; you want to be different somehow. So you want to see how you do it differently. And really, that’s just like, how am I different? How am I different as a business owner and I’ll talk about it in a future time, but there’s at least four or five ways you can differentiate yourself.

But when you started answering these four questions, you begin to develop what your core marketing message is. So hope it makes sense. If you have any issues or you have any questions, feel free to ping me and then tell the next episode. Hope you have a great day.