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Two Laws


There are two indisputable laws of digital marketing. We are going to talk about those in today’s email. 

The first law is to build your business on your own property.  That means, have a website and email list. Too many people build their business on a rented platform like Facebook. 

The problem with that is that Facebook changes things daily and can even disrupt your business in a number of different ways. One way is actually by suspending your account. 

It might even be an innocent mistake, but when you can’t do what you had been doing to build your business, you are in trouble.

The best thing to do is to funnel your “fans” back to your website where you can convert them into paying customers or on an email list.

The second indisputable law of digital marketing is you have to be social. I have seen too many businesses not spend time responding to fans or customers. 

Imagine walking into a store and you are looking for help. You walk up to the first associate and ask for help and he or she ignores you. You go to the next one and the same thing happens. This is what it is like to never reply to comments on your Facebook page, on Twitter, your emails, or your website.

You have to actually interact with those who reach out.

My friend Bridget has written a book on this very topic, how to be social online. If you are interested, here is the link to check it out.

Keys to Being Social: Being Real in a Virtual World

The Kindle version is $7. 

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(Uniform Resource Locator) The address that defines the route to a file on an Internet server (Web server, mail server, etc.). URLs are typed into a Web browser to access Web pages and files, and URLs are embedded within the pages themselves as links (see hypertext).

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