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Struggling to get noticed online?

Are you struggling to stand above your competition? You have tried everything, but customers just don’t seem to notice.

It’s brutal out there. The online business world is changing fast. You do a great job and you just want to serve your customers.

But something is standing in the way.

You may think it’s technology. If only you had a better website. If only you had better social media posts. If only you added this shiny new tech toy to your arsenal, it would help!

All of those are great, but if the customer doesn’t know you exist, the tools are just spinning wheels.

The challenges keep coming. The algorithms (I call them the algo-gods) have muddied the waters, making it harder for your posts to be seen online.

The cool tricks someone showed you 5 years ago just don’t work anymore.

That’s because everything is changing rapidly. Google changes every quarter. Facebook changes its platform often. Twitter? Instagram? TikTok? You can’t trust them. How often have they become unavailable?

And, if you have an idea different from the greater public, you might get banned.

Standing out is the last great hope. And you have to be strategic. We offer all the tools you need to be successful, but it thinking strategically about your brand that makes the difference.

Let us help you.

Todd E Jones
Todd E Jones


Hi, I’m Todd. Several years ago I started learning how to build websites. I built one for my church and a non-profit. Then, I started a football blog. I learned a lot. 

Over time I realized I could build WordPress websites for other people. I have created websites for a lot of different folks, but over time, I realized I like working with the every day service business owner like you.

Years in Digital Marketing

Why Choose Local Digital Services?

If you are in business, every day you are bombarded with various ways to use digital marketing. It can be confusing. I am here to help. I have been working in digital marketing for 15 years.

I started by creating websites, then moved on to writing blog posts, working in content marketing, and then learned the ins and outs of copywriting.

Services with simple pricing.

We design our services with simple prices so you know what you are spending every month.

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Some of our Clients.

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