Should you get started with digital marketing for your business?

One day, I was connected to a fella who sold five-figure heavy equipment on Facebook. You know, like backhoe loaders, road graders, and bulldozers and stuff.

Somehow he managed to get his account suspended on Facebook.

That doesn’t seem hard to do these days.

Once it happens, you just have to wait until it works itself out.

People often think digital marketing is all about using social media. No, it’s way more than that!

There are too many distractions when it comes to digital marketing, and we often take the path of least resistance.

And when you “put all your eggs in [the social media] basket” or any single basket really, you end up in a bad situation.

But, think about this: Nothing stays the same in the world of digital. What’s hot today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Do you remember Gowalla? I do.

How about Foursquare?

Do you remember MySpace? Yup.

One day, we will be saying “Do you remember Facebook?”

Play the long game. Secure your own home base (website & email list) and work from there.

So, today, we are going to discuss how you can get started using digital marketing for your local small business.

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