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January 2022

Is the destination worth the risk of the journey?

Elsa Dutton is one of my new favorite characters on TV. Well, she’s on the Paramount Plus Streaming app in the series 1883.

The show 1883 is the origin story series for the popular show Yellowstone.

I love origin stories by the way! They are great for businesses.

Elsa is the teenage daughter of the Dutton family, Margaret and James played by country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

She is often the narrator in each episode.

In episode 4, she makes a sobering statement, “No matter how much we love it, the land will never love us back.”

Now Elsa is an adventurous soul. She is absolutely loving the Oregonian Trail adventure her family is one. She loves the land. She loves the sunshine, the water, everything about it.

She is a cowboy. She is completely absorbed with the life.

She loves the journey.

But one thing that is true about this journey that the Dutton family, the immigrants, and their guides are on is you have to love the destination to endure the journey.

The team of folks taking the journey had to survive, they had to make up their minds that the destination was worth the risk.

As Elsa says in Episode 3,

“The world doesn’t care if you die. It won’t listen to your screams. If you bleed on the ground, the ground will drink it. It doesn’t care that you’re cut.”

Elsa Dutton

You have to ask yourself if the destination is worth the risk of the journey.

What is the destination for you?

You are a business owner. There are many benefits you cherish as an entrepreneur. It might be flexibility, it may be the opportunity to see your kids grow up, it might be not working for anyone else again, it might be something else.

But the journey is hard. It’s like our friends traveling the untamed land in 1883 where the land doesn’t care if you die or listen to your screams.

We see this over and over when businesses close down.

So, I ask you, “Is the destination worth the risk of the journey?

Let’s talk about it in 2022.

We will talk about how digital marketing can help you on that journey.

“Is the destination worth the risk of the journey?

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