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February 2022

What is your manifesto?

Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing

Let the whole world know that today

Is a day of reckoning.

Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong

Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay

It’s Independence Day.

“Indpendence Day, Martina McBride

What’s your manifesto?

The thing about music and songs is that they are incredibly powerful. Have you ever find yourself throwing your arms in the air and moving your feet to the right tune?

I have a secret for you.

You know that song by Van Halen, “Right Now?” When the guitar solo part comes on, I act out the solo every time. Every. Single. Time.

What song does that for you?

The song above is Independence Day by Martina McBride. It is so powerful. (Go to Youtube and pull up the version with McBride and Pat Benatar. It’s amazing!)

I think for far too long, we have felt trapped. Trapped by what we think we cannot be.

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Todd E Jones

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